Friday, 28 March 2014

Motherhood, Guilt And The Fantasy of 'Choice'

Is there anything in the world of parenting quite as awful and contentious as the debate over working and stay-at-home mums? All that talk about the 'choices' we have apparently made, and the impact these might and might not have on our children... As if choice had anything to do with it, for most of us.

But even though necessity, not choice, is what drives us, we still feel manage to feel guilty. We all know about the guilt of the working mother – many of us have been there – but there is plenty of guilt for stay-at-home mothers too I have discovered. Equal quantities for all, just differently allocated.

Which means, more than ever, that we need to be kind to each other!

Here is a piece I wrote on the subject that seems to have sparked off some fairly hot debate, for the excellent

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